FAQs & Apply

The Betsy Rodgers Allen Gallery hosts a new exhibition by a local artist or group of artists every month. Work is displayed with both the artist's name and contact information, as well as the medium, and title. To apply, fill in the form below the FAQs.

Purchases of any work must be arranged through the artist themselves. The library does not accept commission on sales, however donations are encouraged.

Have more questions about the gallery? Please see check the FAQs below or email gallerysubmissions@schlowlibrary.org.

What size work can the gallery accommodate?

Art work must be of suitable size for the gallery, not to exceed 36" in any direction and must not interfere with library facilities. Large and smaller sculpture may be considered on a case by case basis. Unfortunately, the gallery cannot accommodate small works or jewelry.

I applied. When will my show be scheduled?

Artists will receive an automated reply that let's them know that the application has been received. The gallery committee reviews work as it is received. Because of busy schedules and other duties, please allow at least 30 days before contacting the gallery or the library.

The gallery is often scheduled at least 6 months to a year in advance. Artists should be prepared to choose from available months.

Who installs the art work?

The artist is responsible for installation and removal of all works on the agreed upon days. Exhibits may be installed with the assistance or supervision of the library's gallery coordinator if arranged in advance. The gallery coordinator retains final say in all aspects of arrangement and display.

What information should I include for each work and for my show?

Information for each work should be delivered to the gallery coordinator one week prior to the exhibition. The gallery coordinator will arrange to have labels made for each piece.

The artist may also include a summary page or bio that contains the following: Information concerning the exhibit, where or how the artist may be contacted: (name, address phone), or the artist may supply business cards/pamphlets.

This library does not collect a commission on sales at this time. However, donations are encouraged.

My work is unframed, can I still have a show?

All art work must be ready to install. No maintenance will be performed by the library staff. Nothing may be stuck, nailed, or adhered to the gallery walls.

The library maintains an excellent and versatile hanging system that utilizes j-rail, slides, and 25lb cabling with hooks.

How does the library take care of working hanging in the gallery?

The library carries no special insurance to cover damages, loss and/or theft and assumes no liability for loss, damage or theft of work. By submitting the exhibit application the artist releases the library from all liability.

I sold a piece! What happens now?

Please arrange to have your buyer collect the work at the end of the show.

Art work may not be removed or replaced prior to the last day of the exhibition without the express permission of the gallery coordinator.

My show is installed. How is publicity handled?

Publicity regarding the exhibit is to be coordinated with the library, but is the responsibility of the artist or group primarily. The library's standard publicity is limited to in-house promotions, community calendars, and social media. Special arrangements may be considered at least three months advance of the exhibition.

Does the library hold openings for each exhibition?

The library does not hold regular openings. The artist whose work is appearing in the gallery may schedule the use of the library's Community Room for a reception related to the exhibit.

Scheduling of the Community Room is done through the library's Administration Office and must adhere to the library's Community Room Policy.

The artist is to provide his/her own refreshments and send out his/her own invitations. Alcohol is not permitted.
The reception must be open to the general public. No sales of the work may take place at the reception.

Does the Gallery Committee ever reject an application? Why?

The library reserves the right to reject or remove work if its content is judged not to be in the best interest of the library or its patrons.

Apply to show your work with Schlow

Please note that the Betsy Rodgers Allen Gallery is accepting application for virtual shows at this time. Physical shows are postponed due to COVID-19. If interested, fill in and submit the application below.

Applicants should hear back from the committee in the order their applications are received. Please allow 30 days for deliberation.